Student Council

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At ICS Paris, we have very happy to have two brilliant student councils: a Primary Student Council composed of students from Grades 1 to 5 and a Secondary Student Council composed of MYP and IBDP students. It is very important for our students to have a voice in their school as they have wonderful ideas and enjoy the opportunity for this type of leadership experience. 

These students are articulate, have their own opinions and want to make things happen. They have thoughts on developing the school. They organize themselves to ensure that meetings are efficient and purposeful. This is very important in an IB school.


Some of their initiatives:



Our Secondary Student Council, organized a ‘Carnival’ afternoon this year. 

They took the initiative, got themselves very organized, bought the required resources and organized the afternoon. Great fun and a great example of our students’ leadership skills. 

Our IB Programmes emphasize the need to develop student leadership skills and our MYP Student Council certainly showed their leadership.



The Student Council distributed facial masks as a school project to highlight our school’s wonderful diversity. After students decorated these masks, they made a beautiful visual wall display that includes all of our student population’s creativity and individuality. This is an alternative take on Carnivale and the traditional masks. The students tried very hard to make their masks special. Our younger students even used feathers.



The Grade 4 & 5 members of our Student Council organized a Winter Party on Friday, 10th December. Our Student Council Winter Party took place with each class in the primary visiting the Winter Party Room. Games and dancing took place with a special playlist created by each class. This fun event also taught them some important skills as they had to look into the logistics for the event– music, decorations, refreshments and timetables.

As a charitable activity they raised money at this event to support "les Restos du Coeur", an organization that helps feed people in need and has a branch in the 15th arrondissement. The Student Council purchased suitable food (canned food, baby food etc.…) with the money raised and has delivered it to the centre. This allowed students to meet volunteers who help out. More information can be found on their website.

After raising money for the Winter Party, our members of the Student Council in Grade 4 & 5 went shopping before the February Break. The students purchased sensible food items such as canned vegetables, baby food, tea… and these have been shared with the association "Les Restos du Coeur" to help the less fortunate.