School Trips

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As an international school in Paris, it is important to us to give our students the opportunity to explore Paris, France and other countries.  As such, we organize three different kinds of trips for our students.



As an international school we welcome many new students to our international school in Paris in September. In order to help them transition into the school and better integrate, Once a year our students from Grade 1 to DP 2 on school trips.  This trip allows students the time to bond with their classmates and teachers while exploring a region they may not otherwise get to visit. They spend the week doing sport and cultural activities and making new friends. Past destinations have included the Normandy D-Day beaches, lake Annecy, or the port city of Saint Malo.

  • Grade 1 and Grade 2 - go for a three day trip
  • Grade 3 - Grade 10 - go for a five day trip
  • Grade 11 - go for a three day DP orientation trip

Our Kindergarten students participate in a  3-day farm trip at the end of the school year.

Our Grade 1 and 2  went on an amazing three-day School trip. On the first day, they went to a beach called Stella Plage where the children enjoyed collecting seashells and exploring the dunes. They went to the centre Equestre de Touquet Paris-Plage. They brushed and saddled the ponies and then got to ride them! They visited an apple orchard and learned about the life cycle of an apple and then were able to pick our own apples. Children tasted two varieties to decide which one they liked the most. There was a 'boum' dance party with all of the children in primary. 

The children really enjoyed living together for the three days and it was a great way for all of us to get to know each other and learn outside of the classroom.

Our Grades 9, 10, and 11 went for their school trip to St Malo. The trip was filled with exciting outdoor activities like cycling, rock climbing, orienteering, hiking, swimming, etc.

Residential trips like this, where students can experience and learn more about the world around them outside of the classroom, are an integral part of an IB education. 


As part of the Globeducate network of schools, our students have many opportunities to participate in Globeducate events at our international sister schools in Europe. Every year, we send students to the music festival, academic olympics, olympic games and model UN conference.  Past destinations have included Spain, Italy and Portugal. Students on these trips typically enjoy added cultural exposure by staying with host families.

Additionally, those international high school students active in Model UN typically attend one conference in Europe and one further abroad. In past years we have sent students to Philadelphia, Boston, Cambridge, Beijing, New York, Prague and Tangiers.

Globeducate Leadership Summit 2022

The bespoke, annual Globeducate student leadership summit for students took place over three days, 4th-7th October, at Stonar School, England, and challenged the thinking and leadership styles of more than 40 students. The event, led by the Head of Sixth Form at Stonar School, Charlotte Bennett, proved very popular, with 28 students attending and more online. From ICS Patis, Maia and Gabrielle attended in person while Agastya and Parsh participated online. This unique platform allows students to explore their potential and connect with young talent worldwide.