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Studying at an ICS school, students experience being part of an inclusive international network that encourages cultural awareness and preparation for the world of tomorrow.

With more than 60 different nationalities commonly found in an international ICS school community, and opportunities for international study trips, home exchanges and events, we are able to nurture a deeper understanding of the world.  We raise awareness and inspire a sense of global citizenship and responsibility and through the tool of learning foreign languages we expose students to the possibility of working and living in any country they choose to in the future, and to consider jobs that have not yet been created in new and emerging industries.  

Learning is about so much more than simply what happens in the classroom and whatever our students´ talent, we are focused on finding it and developing it. As an inclusive, international community that encourages cultural awareness and prepares students for the world of tomorrow, our extra-curricular programmes include international study trips and exchange opportunities, and a diverse range of activities. We are not simply in the business of developing talent and highly able students; our ICS extra-curricular programmes help all students to grow and develop.

Our approach develops students to become global citizens who can shape the world and we are committed to providing an outstanding all-round education - life beyond the classroom is an essential aspect of what we offer. Extra-curricular activities broaden horizons and instil a sense of adventure, leadership, teamwork and decision-making, complementing the academic curriculum.  With the student as the central player in his / her ICS journey, excellence in extra-curricular activities balances the other three key elements of an ICS and Globeducate education: Educational Excellence, Global Readiness and Education in Values.  We ensure that our students develop skills and abilities beyond the purely academic, to prepare them for tomorrow´s world and the challenges they may face.  Our schools offer activities as diverse as art, coding and robotics and football to Model United Nations, fitness and music; many of our activities are increasingly technology driven using digital tools, design thinking and interdisciplinary project-based STEM methodology.

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Model United Nations (MUN)

The Model United Nations club at our international school ICS Paris has increased in popularity at the school, for grades 9 through 11, thanks to the skills and experiences that it provides our students.

During club meetings, students learn about the goals and values of the United Nations, research global issues, learn to communicate in teams to find solutions, and improve their confidence and public speaking skills.

Those who show commitment and academic excellence are welcome to join us on our school trips where we participate in MUN conferences around the world to share ideas and find solutions to today's most intricate problems.

Students must take on a country assignment, perform extensive research on this country's policies, and represent this country in a UN simulation with other students from around the world who have also been assigned specific countries.

Multiculturalism, leadership, teamwork, and public speaking are important skills and values that the students are able to practise and reinforce for later use in their real lives, universities, and careers. It is a club that manages to be fun, academic, and mentally stimulating all at once.