Extracurricular Activities

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We place great importance on our students’ personal development and open-mindedness. For this reason, we have designed a Cultural Program that runs from international Nursery to international High School, to help them grow and learn beyond classroom work.

ICS Paris’s educational philosophy is to prepare students for a lifetime of learning though the promotion of multicultural interaction, international understanding and diversity awareness. To this end, we offer numerous extracurricular activities.


Extra-curricular activities 23/24


All pupils from Nursery to Grade 12, attending ICS Paris  


23 rue de Cronstadt | 75015 Paris - France
Metro Line 12 "Convention"


Chess: Learn to use strategy, anticipation, and improve thinking skills.  

Drama: This activity is designed to introduce students to the inspiring experience of expression through the time-honoured tradition of Drama. During the course of the year, children will study and explore: The fundamentals of storytelling, character development, and vocal modulation, acting for stage and screen, as well as the production aspects of set design, costume, puppetry, and videography.  

Rugby: Rugby Tots offers fun structured game sessions that take the children in an Imaginary world of sports with experts supporting the children through each step. Through This activity kids will learn hand and body coordination, balance, how to catch, make passes, shoot, run with the ball and play as a team. 

Music Lessons : ICS Paris offers 30 minutes of individual music lessons with music teachers. Children will be supported on a one-on–one basis so that they can learn quickly with a professional (piano, violin and guitar)

Native speaker lessons for students throughout the school who want to develop their native language or languages. The goal:

  • To improve and master students' native language 
  • Reflect upon History and news, and develop general knowledge in their native language about the country of the language concerned

French Mercredi: It is for kids who want to improve their French through fun activities like story time, art & craft, scientific experiments and circus taught in French. They are organised in order to allow your children to play, to improve their Gross Motor skills, their knowledge and brush up their French.

Les Mercredi Haras de Jardy: to allow your children to enjoy tennis or golf lessons with their friends in a charming setting. They will take a private bus.

After school care: Accompanied by teacher’s assistants, children will have the opportunity to develop themselves through organized outdoor and indoor games and social interactions. These times help to build fundamental school prerequisites.