Extracurricular Activities

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We place great importance on our students’ personal development and open-mindedness. For this reason, we have designed a Cultural Program that runs from international Nursery to international High School, to help them grow and learn beyond classroom work.

ICS Paris’s educational philosophy is to prepare students for a lifetime of learning though the promotion of multicultural interaction, international understanding and diversity awareness. To this end, we offer numerous extracurricular activities.


Music activities increase their taste for learning and for developing a sense of community spirit. Students are given a chance to discover a musical instrument or to participate in our choir, which meets on a weekly basis.


Exciting sports activities are also offered, whether they be individual sports, to foster a healthy competitive spirit between students and encourage them to go beyond their limits, or collective sports, for students to become better team players and build strong ties within their team.

Tuesday Language Academy

On Tuesday we are running our Language Academy for students throughout the school who want to develop their native language or languages. This is part of our whole school language policy which values our students’ languages and recognizes the importance of developing them at the same time as learning English as an academic language. Students will also be able to take extra English or French classes to supplement what is already taught in the curriculum.

STEAM activities 

STEAM is a learning method that uses multidisciplinary, cross-curricular projects to combine the following subjects: Science, Technology,  Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. This teaching method helps students to quickly adapt to the world of tomorrow.

Extra-curricular activities programme

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