School Bus and Lunch

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Hot lunch

Students in all grades may bring their own lunch box or sign up for our international school ICS Paris’ hot lunch program. The hot lunch is a catered service and consists of a starter, main, cheese, and dessert, planned in accordance with the French Health Ministry’s guidelines.  For those who bring their own lunch, microwaves are always at our students’ disposition. Students from Grade 6-10 have the added option of purchasing items à la carte from our second-floor snack bar. Students may buy salads, sandwiches, drinks, fruit and other snacks during lunch or their break time.  From Grade 8 we do allow students to leave campus during their lunch break.




Door to Door Shuttle Service

Students at our international school ICS Paris can benefit from two different bus services: big bus and shuttle.

The big bus is a typical, 50-seater school bus with a supervisor onboard to monitor the students.  The big school bus has group pickup points located in western Paris and the suburbs, notably: Puteaux, Neuilly, Courbevoie, Iéna and Monceau. 

The shuttle bus is a true door-to-door service, which will pick your child up in front of your house, bring them to school, and ensure the return trip in the evening. The shuttle buses are small 8-seater taxi vans. Students from our International Nursery school are able to take this service. Our families are usually located in the western half of Paris and in the southern and western suburbs, and the shuttle bus can be arranged for those areas.

Both bus services will automatically be modified according to your child’s class or extra-curricular activity schedule.  New stops are added each year, so please do not hesitate to contact us to enquire about stops or travel times.  About one third of our students avail of this service.

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