Head of our Primary School

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I am very proud to welcome you to the international Pre-School and Primary Sections of ICS Paris in the heart of this modern, dynamic international city, rich in culture and history. 

It is an honour to witness and support our students’ learning and development every day. It is also a privilege to work alongside such a team of professional, inspirational, proactive and collaborative educators who make each student’s learning experience special.

Through our engaging international school's curriculum, students are encouraged to be inquirers, caring, open-minded, independent and responsible for their learning journey. We have high aspirations for all our students and we celebrate their qualities. We provide opportunities for our students to contribute to our international school community through engaging activities and clubs such as Student Council and Eco-Club. There are a multitude of committees that students can join. Our partnerships with both international organizations such as WWF and Water-Aid, as well as our work with local associations, allow our students and staff to engage with others both near and far to help improve our world. Through a balance of inquiry-based projects, academics and strong communication, our programme is designed to be adapted to each child’s learning.

All the teachers and the staff contribute to our learning community which ensures the academic success and the well-being of every student.

I invite you to learn more about the dynamic and stimulating learning environment at our international ICS Paris Pre-School and Primary School by perusing the website further and coming to visit us.

Eva Silva

Head of Primary School