Mission & Vision

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Formerly known as EIB - The Victor Hugo School, ICS Paris is an international school in Paris, hosting students from Nursery to Grade 12 in the heart of the 15th district. Our international school, ICS Paris, welcomes over 500 students from 60 different nationalities and educational backgrounds. With more than 30 years of experience in education, ICS Paris is a well-known international institution in Paris, unique because of its tailored English-speaking curriculum, enhanced by compulsory French lessons from the age of three. 

ICS Paris is a truly international school embracing international culture through its programmes and international opportunities.

Our vision:

ICS Paris inspires individuals to develop their strengths, skills and passions, fostering a sense of belonging to a diverse community whilst empowering them to meet the global challenges of an ever-changing world.


Our mission: an education for a lifetime of success 

At ICS Paris we are an inclusive and intercultural educational community driven by a call for excellence. Committed to developing global citizens and successful lifelong learners, we empower our students to shape a brighter future by preparing them for tomorrow's challenges today.

We value respect, empathy, perseverance and integrity; our students treat everyone with dignity and care, understand the feelings and reasoning of others, always act in solidarity, persist in the face of adversity and accomplish everything with honesty and fairness in both words and actions.

Our international education system

To promote the integration of our new students, we also offer, on a case-by-case basis, Intensive English lessons and learning support. In addition to English and French, students whose native language is Japanese or Korean can also benefit from mother-tongue language classes (extracurricular). As an inclusive school, we are proud to welcome students of all academic levels and encourage them to succeed.

Excellence in international education

  • A pioneer in bilingual education with a 75% English curriculum since 1983
  • An immersion in the French language and culture 
  • Qualified native-speaker teachers to increase learning opportunities

Our top students' nationalities

ICS Paris welcomes students from more than 60 differents nationalities of which the top ten most represented are: French, Indian, Japanese, South Korean, British, Italian, Pakistani, Brazilian, American and Nigerian.  

International opportunities