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In the spring of each year, more than 150,000 candidates at around 3,000 schools in almost 150 countries take IB Diploma examinations. Each year, ICS Paris candidates consistently perform well above the world average.

The annual IB Diploma examination results are accomplishments our whole ICS Paris family celebrates, including teachers, students and parents.  At ICS Paris, the highest score in 2023 was 42 points/45 points, in 2022 43 points/45 points and in 2021 44 points/45 points. To our delight, ICS Paris students achieved a high rate of external examination success, the majority integrating into first-choice university programmes at leading institutions worldwide.

ICS PARIS 2023 IB results

TOP SCORE /45 Average DP Score /45 Global Average
42 32 30,24


ICS PARIS 2022 IB results

TOP SCORE /45 Average DP Score /45 Global Average
43 33,7 31,98


ICS PARIS 2021 IB results

TOP SCORE /45 Average DP Score /45 Global Average
44 35,53 33,02


ICS PARIS 2020 IB results

TOP SCORE /45 Average DP Score /45 Global Average
45 32,40 31,34

Our student Seoyeon Cheong had an outstanding performance: she scored 45/45 in the International Baccalaureate 2020.

We are very proud of her perfect score and wish her the best for her studies at Yonsei University, South Korea. 


We are very proud to share in our students success by announcing our 2020 IGCSE results with an outstanding A*/A pass rate of 57% - of which 16 % of students obtained A*

99% of all students attained A*/C.

Last year the results were 25% A/A* and 75% A*/C – so a real improvement over last year.

An amazing set of results given the circumstances – well done to all of our IGCSE cohort.

IGCSE 2020 Results - ICS Paris

  A* A*/A A*/B A*/C A*/D A*/E
2020 16% 57% 82% 99% 100% -
2019 - 25% - 75% - 100%