Grade 7 UNESCO COP 27 Conference on Sustainable Development and Climate Change

This was an extraordinary event, as our Grade 7s organized the entire conference. Our students demonstrated incredible leadership. Global Climate Change is an important topic, as our students must bear the consequences tomorrow of our decisions as adults today.

It is essential they have a voice.

Our History teachers and UNESCO coordinator, Mr. Boucher, allowed our students to explore, investigate, research, and, most importantly, present their knowledge of the impacts of Global Climate Change. The presentations were incredibly well-researched, informative, and very entertaining. Some students created PowerPoint videos, and one group even created a physical model of a windmill. The visuals were an incredible way to communicate with the audience.

We are very proud of our Grade 7s. Even though many of them were nervous, they presented with careful deliberation and confidence. The students spent a lot of time preparing for the event. We learned the importance of using bamboo dental floss, switching off lights, and recycling. Iman and Tanya introduced us to the Plastic Challenge. Every time you switch out of using plastic (for example, using a reusable water bottle), you get the point. The person with the most issues in your family wins! The highlight of the conference was the Climate Quiz. I have to congratulate our team of students who outwitted and outperformed both our parents and our teachers.