STEAM Day and UNESCO World Science Day

STEAM Day and UNESCO World Science Day

from 8th - 10th November, we celebrated the UNESCO World Science Day.

We had an eventful start to this year's STEAM program!

Mrs. Grimmer, our Primary STEAM Coordinator, will plan and coordinate all STEAM-related educational activities this year. She has been planning and working with the faculty and staff to move to a transdisciplinary and cross-curricular level of teaching that changes our practice as PYP educators! Our primary teachers have been working exceptionally hard and have been so creative in executing STEAM ideas into exciting lessons for our students. Students can utilize their ATL skills and Learner profiles in completing their STEAM activities and making real-life connections to their learning.

We thank our proud parent community for donating reusable materials for our STEAM activities. You may have heard about Grade 1 building skeletons or hand models with pasta or straws or Grade 2 working on designing a portioned 3D printed plate for healthy diets. Grade 3 created their own puppets that allowed the children to talk about who inspires them, and Grade 5 created solar ovens, pinwheels et cetera for their energy unit. These are just some of the wonderful things happening in our primary school!

UNESCO Science day on Thursday, November 10th, was an opportunity for our primary school students to celebrate this special day by showcasing what our various grades have been doing for STEAM. Our Primary STEAM coordinator Mrs. Grimmers organised an exhibition for children to present their past STEAM activities at their own booths.

It was so wonderful to watch our students take a leadership role in our science laboratories. Students demonstrated important scientific concepts to their peers. The students used a range of experiential learning experiences to teach other students about science. I was so proud of our incredible students, who are so articulate and confident in their scientific knowledge. Next year we would like to invite parents, so you can share the experience too!