ICS Connect Exchange Programme

ICS Connect Exchange Programme

Exchange Program with other ICS Schools

Students in our ICS schools in Europe belong to a unique network of IB international schools in some of Europe ́s most exciting cities including London, Milan, Nice, Paris and Rome. A new international exchange programme opens doors for students to experience life in another ICS school.

Our ICS student communities are culturally and linguistically diverse. Many of our students are already living in a new country, have experienced studying in different schools, and many are bilingual or multilingual. Whatever their level of experience, our unique programme gives students the opportunity to study the IB MYP curriculum in a completely new educational setting yet with the familiarity of the ICS culture and ethos. Students signing up for the ICS Connect Programme will develop their confidence at adapting to new situations and to new people, to problem solving and, possibly, to learning some of a new language. Lasting friendships and connections

ICS Paris - RIS Rome 

ICS Paris - ICS London