Eco Week in school from March 15th-19th

ecoweek ics paris

The Primary students celebrated Eco Week in school from March 15th-19th. With a focus on minimizing waste, students participated in several activities to better understand how they can help to recycle, reduce, and reuse.

Students created flower pots by using waste materials as containers to plant seeds. Each class will now have the pleasure of watching the seeds grow this spring.

Grade 4 student, Hyunsung, who constructed the flower pot seen in the photo, says the following of the project:
"Mr. Imposter flower pot is created with recyclable material. He is trendy and loved by everyone because he came out of an online video game. He has a message for all ICS Paris students - Take a break and stop playing online. Go ahead and plant some seeds so you can enjoy being out this Spring.
I planted paper seeds that I prepared in class."

To end the week, students were challenged to avoid single-use plastics on Friday in an effort to be a "Zero Waste School" for a day.