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At our international school ICS Paris, university guidance is very much an individualized process designed to fully meet the specific needs of each student. Accordingly, the international school offers extensive postsecondary advising services for senior high school students. The broad aim of the counselling office is to provide comprehensive assistance, information and support corresponding to all aspects of secondary and postsecondary orientation, thereby enabling students of all backgrounds and skills to realise their potential at institutions of higher education around the world.

At the secondary level, as soon as a student joins our community, the counselling team oversees credential appraisals, scholastic aptitude testing, level placement and course selections. Whilst identifying appropriate secondary programme options for each student, compatible with postsecondary aspirations, the counselling centre offers support services for a wide array of standardised academic and psychometric testing involved in university entrance qualification as well as language proficiency requirements. In terms of higher education support, expert counselling staff provide across-the-board assistance to parents and students throughout the entire process leading to university matriculation.Through a step-by-step, personalised approach, counsellors organise individual tutorials and collective seminars designed to develop tailor-made postsecondary admissions strategies. To facilitate access to quality higher education information, the counselling centre continuously coordinates in-school university visits, hosts annual on-site college fairs and handles external campus tour requests.

Counsellors provide all-inclusive methodological guidance to students throughout the overall application procedures from the initial research stage to completion of all relevant forms and required essays. The counselling office proposes complete supporting documentation solutions to optimise processing of academic references, scholastic records and co-curricular achievement indicators. Counselling services extend to information and advising about extracurricular development, interview techniques, summer enrichment programs, internships, vocational and career orientation as well as financial aid, scholarships and visa applications.

Regarding outcomes, the international school ICS Paris graduates attend universities around the globe, the most common destinations being the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and France where, in recent years, students have been accepted to, respectively, institutions such as Yale University, McGill University, University College London, Erasmus University and École Polytechnique.

Our class of 2021 graduates will attend prestigious universities, to consult the full list:

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Beyond promoting access to prestigious higher education opportunities, the ultimate goal of the counselling department is to develop unique, personalized strategies for each particular student, identifying and fostering individual talents and aptitudes to ensure that present endeavour leads to future excellence.