STEAM at ICS Paris

As the numbers of students taking options in science and maths were in decline, STEM took shape – study fields defined as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The Arts was added to this when the scientific community began to talk about the need for skills in independent thinking, creativity and critical thinking.  

Together, these are now referred to as STEAM, which gives students tools and methods to explore new and creative ways of problem-solving, interpreting and displaying data, innovating and linking multiple fields. 

In ICS schools, design-thinking leads the way and our schools are equipped to prepare each student to solve problems that have not yet been imagined and to work in jobs not yet existing.

Increasingly we are incorporating technology in teaching as a tool; our STEAM methodology is an interdisciplinary, project-based foundation for learning.

In STEAM projects, our students are hands-on learners – teachers play the role of nurturing curiosity and help students to develop the skills they need to reach their own answers. 

Our students learn how to analyse and interpret data in order to make informed choices, with teachers as co-investigators to show them the way. By bringing these key subject fields together, students learn how to build bridges between ideas and realisation.

In 2019, ICS Paris inaugurated its Fab Lab allowing our students access to a 3D printer and laser cutter as part of their Design & Technology course in the middle school.  In the same year, we launched our one-to-one iPad programme from Grades 5-9.  Students use their iPads in lessons when needed, have access to digital copies of many of their books, and are able to continue and expand their learning while at home.  Additionally, all of our students have access to interactive whiteboards which are present in our classrooms from Nursery to IB.


Design Technology lessons take place in our newly-equipped Fab Lab dedicated for students from Grade 6 to Grade 9, where they can showcase their creative thinking and their ability to innovate.