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BML is a personalised approach to learning English where each course is customised to your child's need

At ICS Paris, our language of instruction is English and our students are immersed in English at school. Being in one of the most established cities in Europe, many of our students have at least one other language they speak at home or are exposed to living here in Paris. Therefore, our teachers need to have a strong understanding of how best to support our bilingual students.

BML aims to develop respect for the home language (mother tongue) and provide the child a safe space to make mistakes and learn in a safe and positive environment. This approach to learning English has proven to be more successful as students are  not trying to catch up on missed lectures. Instead they are at speed and participates in class with confidence.

We celebrate the gifts students bring with them, such as languages, cultures, different knowledge, their own personal experiences and ways of looking at the world.

Our Approach to learning languages

Our students join us worldwide, and their diversity and individuality enrich our teaching and make ICS Paris a very special learning community. We teach the International Baccalaureate curriculum and our language of instruction at school is English. It is important that all students reach a high level of English literacy in order to be successful. Although the language of instruction is English, there are many languages used by our multilingual students in the classrooms during their learning. Therefore it is important that our multilingual students maintain their home language in order for them to thrive at our school. At ICS Paris, we offer multiple opportunities throughout the day for our students to continue to develop their languages.

Mrs. Casleton 

BML Coordinator


The BML department works with all mainstream teachers to create adaptations in the classroom in order to support all students in their learning. We continually assess their literacy skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) so that we can offer the best programme suited to their needs.

In our Primary Section (PYP) we offer a very intensive, structured programme which we deliver using a variety of strategies. Your child may work intensively in a small group with a teacher, in order to establish basic language structures and vocabulary; the Programme may be implemented in the main classroom with the support of the BML teacher or your child may follow a language adapted programme prepared by the BML teacher. In all cases the BML teacher is working very closely with the class teacher to ensure that your child can access the curriculum and is learning at the right level.

In the Secondary section, our aim is for our multilinguals to catch up in their English skills quickly so that they can access the learning in other MYP and eventually DP classes independently and successfully. To do this, we offer different levels of language acquisition instruction. Initially our beginners in English study in a dedicated BML class where they will benefit from small group instruction with intensive literacy and subject specific support. Gradually, as the students’ language skills develop, the BML teacher will work closely with subject teachers to adapt course content and provide concrete tools to support students in accessing the curriculum as well as focusing on the continual development of literacy. 

*Personalised BML support incurs an additional fee.


At ICS Paris, our teaching practices and educational approaches are based on the latest research in bilingual education. We know through the decades of research in this field that the biggest single factor to a multilingual student’s academic success is the level of literacy in their home language. Our Language Academy, which takes place after school, offers our multilingual families the opportunity to continue to develop their home language, especially reading and writing skills.



The role all parents play in the development and support of their child’s academic journey is crucial and this is also true with the home language. We use many different ways to encourage your child’s home language development both in the classroom and after school. Our teachers will be in contact with you, outlining what your child is learning so that you can explain it to them in their home language first. This is key, as it helps them to make personal connections to what they are learning, and be more prepared and aware of the subject when studying it in the classroom. It also gives you the opportunity to be more involved in your child’s learning while maintaining a strong home language.

My son has become so confident and feels welcomed because of all the extra care and guidance he has received through this unique BML English Support program. 

— Kim's Mum


When you receive a letter recommending your child receives intensive BML department support, we invite you to come into school to discuss this with our BML teachers. It is important for us that you are part of this learning journey and can support your child. Your child’s learning will be continually monitored by our BML teachers both during and after leaving the Programme and you will receive regular feedback on their progress. As we say to our BML students, ’Being bilingual is a Superpower!’ and we at ICS Paris want to develop this superpower in all our students so that they can be successful in more than one language and go into the world as confident, literate young people ready to make a difference.

COSTS - The Programme costs are 5,900 euros per year and are invoiced with the school fees.